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New Comprehensive Dashboard Goes Live

CCPI and the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership (NMECDP) are proud to announce an updated and improved dashboard of early childhood data. The dashboard, which maps slots across programs serving New Mexico’s youngest children, can be accessed by clicking here.

The dashboard shows location slots for childcare, New Mexico PreK, home visiting, Early Head Start, and Head Start. The dashboard allows users to select a county of interest, and to look at specific types of services within that county or statewide. These slots are shown against estimates of need, which vary by program and have been established to help stakeholders see where young children may remain underserved.

“This is a powerful, data-rich tool which can help everyone in New Mexico understand what programs and slots are available now. Good data provides a strong foundation as we work to expand and improve our systems in early childhood to meet the needs of all of our families raising young children,” said Katherine Freeman, CEO of the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership.

The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership works to create statewide awareness, support and understanding of the overwhelming benefits of early learning, and partnered with the Cradle to Career Policy Institute to create a dynamic tool to understand and visualize the programs and services provided in early childhood in New Mexico. The updated dashboard, begun last year with Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) data and now updated with FY20 data, also provides data and context to support NMECDP’s work with state officials and stakeholders to develop a statewide Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan for early childhood under a federal Preschool Development Grant.

“New Mexico is enjoying a period of broad agreement that early childhood education is important and that more families need access to high-quality services,” said CCPI’s Hailey Heinz. “This dashboard aims to help us see, specifically, which communities are most in need of expanded services, and what kinds of services they need.”


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